The items required for performing Pitru Paksha puja

puja samigri for pitru paksha puja

The items required for performing Pitru Paksha puja

The items required for performing Pitru Paksha puja, also known as Shraddha, can vary depending on family traditions and regional practices. However, here is a general list of commonly used items and samagri for Pitru Paksha puja:

  1. Pinda Ingredients:
    • Rice: Used to make the pindas (rice balls) offered to ancestors.
    • Sesame Seeds: Often mixed with rice to form the pindas.
    • Barley: Sometimes added to the pindas.
  2. Water:
    • Purified water for various rituals, including Tarpana (offering water to ancestors).
  3. Milk and Milk Products:
    • Milk, ghee (clarified butter), and yogurt are offered to ancestors.
  4. Fruits and Sweets:
    • Offer fruits like bananas, coconut, and sweets like kheer (rice pudding) and pind (a sweet made from gram flour and jaggery).
  5. Til (Sesame) Oil Lamp:
    • A small oil lamp or diya lit during the puja.
  6. Incense Sticks and Camphor:
    • Used for performing aarti (ritual of waving a lit lamp) and creating a pleasant atmosphere.
  7. Flowers:
    • Fresh flowers, especially marigolds and tulsi (holy basil), are offered.
  8. Dhoop (Incense) and Agarbatti:
    • Used for offering fragrances to the ancestors.
  9. Black Sesame Seeds and Mustard Seeds:
    • Sometimes used in specific rituals during Pitru Paksha.
  10. Darbha Grass or Kusha Grass:
    • Sacred grass used as a mat during the rituals.
  11. Cotton Thread:
    • Used for tying knots during certain rituals.
  12. Yagyopavit (Sacred Thread):
    • In some traditions, a sacred thread may be worn during the puja.
  13. Coins and Dakshina (Donation):
    • Offered to Brahmins and priests as a gesture of respect and gratitude.
  14. Pitru Yantra or Photo Frames:
    • Some families may have frames with pictures of their ancestors or a Pitru Yantra (a sacred geometric design).
  15. Pitru Tarpan Book:
    • A book containing the necessary mantras and prayers for Pitru Paksha rituals.
  16. Traditional Puja Utensils:
    • Plates, bowls, and utensils are used for offering food and other items to ancestors.
  17. Cloth:
    • A piece of cloth or dhoti for covering the puja area.
  18. Brahmin or Priest:
    • It’s common to invite a Brahmin or priest to perform the rituals if you are not familiar with the procedures.

Please note that while this list provides a general idea of the items used for Pitru Paksha puja, specific traditions and practices may vary among different communities and regions in India. It’s essential to consult with a knowledgeable person or priest for precise guidance on conducting the puja according to your family’s customs.

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